Malta Company Formation

Companies incorporated in Malta are constituted by their statue, called The Memorandum and Articles of Association which is entered into and subscribed to by the shareholders. Services relating to companies formations include the drafting of such Memorandum and Articles, application for Income tax number, application for VAT number and any assistance with local banks in opening new bank accounts.

Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) Compliance

There are various compliance requirements that companies registered in Malta need to adhere to on a regular basis. Amongst these are the Malta Financial Services Authority compliance regulations. Non-compliance with such requirements may lead to fines and penalties. Assistance and support will be provided to ensure that companies are fully compliant including preparation of required documentation.

Company Secretarial Services

The company secretary of a company registered in Malta is responsible for keeping all minutes of meetings of the company's members and directors and filing all documentation with the Registry of companies. As part of the services offered, we can provide for a company secretary ourselves. Alternatively, assistance may be provide to the company secretary in adhering with all necessary regulations and deadlines. 

Directorship Services

Every Maltese company must have at least one director. Directors are primarily responsible for managing the company and ensuring that is in-compliant with Maltese laws and regulations. Similar to services offered for a company secretary, upon certain conditions, we can also provide for directorship services, responsible for attending board meetings and signing all required documentation.

Registered Office Services

Every company registered in Malta needs to have a registered office situated in Malta, from where the activities are carried out. Apart from the use of a registered office, other services may include a dedicated business telephone line, sorting and filing of mail or post and other basis administrative services.

Fiduciary Shareholder Services

A beneficial owner of a company registered in Malta has the availability of keeping his identity confidential by means of a fiduciary shareholding. A fiduciary shareholder may appear on behalf of the beneficial owner. For a company to provide fiduciary services, it must be licensed by the MFSA under the Trust and Trustees Act to act as a fiduciary shareholder.

Bank Finance Applications

In today's business environment, banking institutions are not only requiring stricter and more frequently updated due diligence and information but acquiring finance has also become increasingly difficult. Through our experience and good reputation with local banks in Malta, we can offer assistance in all banking aspects necessary for business purposes and can provide, also including the day-to-day management of bank accounts and payment instructions. 

Company Dissolutions and Liquidations

When the shareholders of a company agree that there is no further economic reason for the company to remain in existent, this may be placed into liquidation with the registry of companies for dissolution. The liquidation process requires a number of compliance matters and documentation that need to be prepared, including board resolutions, application of a voluntary winding up and the appointment of a liquidator.

Other Corporate Services and Back-Office

Other corporate or back-office services which can be provided include human resources and recruitment of staff, administering of bank accounts, IT services or legal services. Administration services and other arrangements can also be made available, including flights or hotels reservations or bookings of conference rooms.