Tax Advice

Considering that taxation is one of the key factors for companies to invest in Malta, all advice on taxation matters, queries and incentives is prepared in a detailed and professional manner. Tax advice is specifically tailored to different scenarios and requirements which will result in different opportunities and tax benefits that can be applicable.

Tax Planning

Efficient tax planning results in numerous opportunities and advantages which clients can make us of. This normally involves advice on group structures, tax incentives, tax refunds, credits and benefits, and tax mitigation options. It is understood that different tax advantages may be applied, however it is important to determine the most effective and optimal tax exposure.

Advice on Double Tax Treaties

Double Tax treaties provide for relief from double taxation where the same income is taxable in different states. Advice can be provided relating to the different tax treaties in force by Malta and the direct application between the tax treaty and a relevant particular situation, Maltese tax treaties normally provide for a credit of any foreign tax paid, however different scenarios may result in different tax treaty applications. 

Advice on Value Added Tax and/or Indirect Taxation

Another aspect of advisory services relates to any advice prepared in relation to VAT and other indirect taxation. Especially when considering international or cross-border transactions, a number of complications might require different tax applications.   

Other Business Related Advisory

Organisations are continuously developing and refining their business strategies with the aim of achieving organisational goals. Business advisory can assist and help managers develop human, financial and information based strategies. Assistance can also be provided to entrepreneurs in evaluating business start-ups; valuations; internal controls, risk management and business restructuring.